About Shea Hampton

I have been teaching actors for over twenty years.  Remarkably, I find that I still have the same passion for the process that I started with. It never stales.  Teaching has provided an opportunity to blend my creative and spiritual gifts.

I grew up in England and the opportunity to become an actor was non-existent.  It was when I came to Canada that the dream could become a reality.  I was 34 when I began my training and felt I had to study everything because I was so old.  I did just that, following the traditional theatre route and hoping later to work in film/tv.  In hindsight, I am glad I studied so many methodologies because it later allowed me to understand where others were coming from and to know what works.  I was about 40 when I began auditioning and quickly realized I was at a great disadvantage because I’d lost over 20 years of credit building.  Not to be daunted, I went to L.A. to study with legendary acting teacher, Charles Conrad.  This changed my life – finally an approach that resonated on a core level.  Charles wanted me to teach the minute he met me.  I was horrified at the prospect but still absorbed everything he said.  Later, back in Vancouver, others interested in the approach asked me to help them.  I said I’d “guide” them.  It took a few years before I would call myself a teacher.  With Charles’ encouragement and some useful tips, I began a little Saturday morning class.  Within a year I was teaching 4 classes.  It was remarkable.  I had been pushed into something I would never have considered, but appeared to have a gift for.  The process evolved over the years and became “Acting from Source”.

Here I must acknowledge that I would never have had the temerity to teach had it not been for my work with the world of Spirit.  I never work alone.  In my early twenties I discovered I had psychic gifts and had the great honour to begin the development of mediumship with yet another legend: Doris Collins.  So, when it came to teaching, I could feel the world of Spirit urging me to begin.  Literally having to take my life apart before I would take that step forward.  I was supported and uplifted and told that I would never work alone.  It resonates as strongly today as it did back then when I was so fearful.

I have worked with thousands of actors over the years.  Many have gone on to have very successful acting careers and others have found their voice in writing, producing, directing.

Success comes in many forms and one is never certain where or when it will strike.  It could take years or be instant.  Either way, one needs to be ready for it.  I worked with the then 15-year-old Seth Rogen for about a year before he landed a part in “Freaks and Geeks” (his first audition).  Yes, he was very fortunate, but don’t be misled, he had already been working as a stand-up comedian since he was 13!  He was a really nice, funny kid and doesn’t appear to have changed too much. One of the hardest working actors is the beautiful Emmanuelle Vaugier.  She came to me when she was 17, trained solidly for 4 years and continued to return over the years between shooting movies or TV series (“CSI – New York”, “Two and a Half Men”).  Fred Ewanuick of “Corner Gas” and “Dan for Mayor” fame trained solidly for 5 years before he ventured forth to audition.  Peter Kelamis worked with me for a number of years and has always had a steady stream of work.  I was so happy for him when he became a series regular on “Stargate Universe”.  So many wonderful actors that I can only mention a few, but the basic principle is the same:  work hard, honour your craft and never let anyone tell you you can’t do it.

I have held a lifelong passion for horses.  I was obsessed with them as a child and feel very blessed to live in the presence of 3 of those gorgeous creatures now.  I moved to South Surrey a few years ago to provide more space for them.  We have the beautiful “Abby” and “Zen”, who pretty much does what he likes.  Last year Abby gave birth to “Famous”, a colt with attitude and a lot of love.  I share the house with my wonderful Akita, “Cali”.  Sometimes “Cavendish”, the cat, will deign to join us.

Shea is represented by Vickie Petronio-King at PLAY Management Inc.

"Creative energy is your connection to the Divine."
- Shea Hampton