The Book

“TRUST – Acting from Source”. Written by Shea Hampton. The book shows actors another way of being in the work.  You will learn to:

  • Create a foundation of absolute truth and honesty for your work.
  • Understand and work with creative energy.
  • Create a state of heightened awareness.
  • Consistently expand your talent.
  • Learn to stay truthful, in the moment.
  • Become a generous actor.

“TRUST” reveals an approach that alleviates the need to relive personal trauma to create emotion.  The mental and emotional health of the actor being paramount.

EXCERPT:“This appears to be such a simple process and for some it is.  However, the simplest things may often be the most frustrating and difficult to master, especially if one is entrenched in a more traditional approach that is analytical and dictates how something should be.  When one allows the work, instead of making it go a certain way, it will play you honestly and in the same way over and over….

Simplicity and artlessness are qualities most actors need to embrace.  We always think we should do more, or be more, and consequently try harder until the creative spark is extinguished and the work is beaten to a pulp.  YOU ARE ENOUGH – stop acting.”


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"Don't play the character; ALLOW the character to play you."
- Shea Hampton