“As a 30-year Pro of a few movies here and there, I have attended Shea’s class on a number of occasions to look at new talent and to learn from Shea how to direct actors to get the best out of them.  I have always admired how Shea takes it beyond the realms of merely teaching.  Her care and concern for her clients is most admirable.  Huge fan.”
Lee Cleary.  Producer/Director

“Shea’s unique approach uplifts and transforms the actor on every level.  Coming from a place of truth and love, being as giving as you can, are just a few of the valuable lessons I’ve learnt from Shea.” 
Emmanuelle Vaugier  “The Mentalist” guest star.  “CSI – New York” series regular

“When people ask me where to go to get acting skills, I mention one name and one name only… Shea Hampton.” 
Peter Kelamis “Stargate Universe” series regular.

“Shea has the ability to find what each individual needs.  Her technique creates an openness and freedom that makes the work amazing.”          
Fred Ewanuick.  “Dan for Mayor” lead. “Corner Gas” series regular.

“Shea’s approach to acting and her insistence upon honesty are what I was looking for as a working actor.” 
Michael Kopsa.  “Fringe” series regular. “Fantastic Four”

“Shea is the only teacher you will ever need.  She teaches you to trust the work and get out of the way.  To be present and allow the emotions to flow through you.  No tricks, no games.  All she asks is for the actor to be authentic, real and brave.  Shea is pure magic!” 
Elisabeth Rosen. “The West Wing” Guest Star

“Studying with Shea was an invaluable experience. Her unique process not only taught me how to be in front of the camera or on stage, through it, I discovered how to simply “be”.” 
Denzal Sinclaire. Singer/Actor

“Shea has been instrumental in my development as an actor. After years of heady theatrical training, she taught me how to trust my own instincts and to come from a clear, grounded and honest place. A place where I’m able to let the character play me and where I’m not playing the character, which has added unexpected layers to my work. Because of her I know that no matter what situation I’m in, I can find the inspiration within to play any role that may be thrown my way.” Paula Lindberg. “American Mary” lead

“I have studied with Shea Hampton for over ten years and I will continue to work with her as long as she has space for me in her studio. Not only has she helped to guide my career but I can honestly say that I work because of her. Acting from Source is the fundamental tool for acting. It teaches you to listen, be present and, most importantly, work with the other actor. I am so grateful that I was introduced to Shea because I really don’t know where my career would have gone without her.” Crystal Lowe. “Primeval” series lead.

“Shea is a wonderfully caring and giving teacher, who works tirelessly to make her students the best they can be. She has a talent for transforming her students into truthful, honest, intuitive actors… something all actors strive to be. I’ve loved training with Shea and highly recommend her to anyone hoping to open themselves up to more truthful work.” Laura Mennell. “Alphas” series lead, “Watchmen”

“Shea Hampton has a unique gift that helped me immensely in getting out of my head and into my heart. As someone who does a lot of live improv comedy and big bombastic theatrics, Shea was quite a clever little genius in helping me tap into a more still and truthful approach. She was instrumental in helping me realize that I am enough. I will always be tremendously grateful to her.” Ken Lawson. “The Mover’s Show” series lead. “Some Assembly” (youth theatre company). Vancouver Theatresports.

Shea has been with me since I beganb acting.  In eight years of being taught by her, she has always led my work in the right direction.  Her feedback is genuine and truthful because that’s just who she is.  I can’t imagine what kind of nonsense I would get up to without her.”  Jesse Reid, “Rise of the Apes”, “Continuum”.

“"Intellect has nothing to do with acting."
- Sanford Meisner